2007 Toyota Tacoma Console Vault
Review & Install Information

My 2007 Toyota Tacoma doesn't have any locking glove box nor does it have a lockable center console. After already having my ipod stolen from my truck 2 years earlier (I forgot the lock my doors) - I decided to start looking for locking storage. The Console Vault was recommended by many tacoma owners yet the cost of the vault was over $250. My original thoughts were - it's too expensive!!! I did some research on other alternatives. There are some good home-brew modifications available online but I just wasn't satisfied with their overall effectiveness of 'security'. So, I started looking more closely at the Console Vault. From what I've seen, you can get these at BJ's Wholesale club (I'm not a member) for $250 (+tax). Online prices can skyrocket to be $280 or more. My husband ordered my Console Vault directly from the manufacturer for $260 (no tax & free shipping).
http://www.consolevault.com/. I'm not really sure what I was expecting - too expensive for what it is' kinda feeling. When I removed the vault out of the box - I was amazed at just how heavy this thing is!! It weighs 9.5lbs!!! The weight alone was enough to say - this vault is heavy duty, it was WELL worth the $260 we paid for it and I'm already happy with it and I haven't even installed it yet! I ordered the combination lock because I didn't want yet another key to hang on my key ring. The combination lock only has 3 digits, which, is one of the only downsides. I wish it would've had at least 4.

Please pardon my pictures and layout. I wasn't originally going to take pictures for 'install' purposes, but decided to do it as I was putting everything back together. So, if you're looking for install info - scroll down towards the end of the pictures. I'm actually putting everything back together - however, there are arrows showing where the screws are. You'll be able to figure it out - its very easy. Good Luck!

2007 Console Vault with combination lock:

This hole was cut by my husband actually. More information on this later. I needed to cut this hole for my ipod connection.

2007 Console Vault - up close. Locking Mechanism.
The combination is set at 000 from the factory. When the lock is set OPEN, you insert a paper clip to the side of the mechanism and press an internal button (so to speak). Set the combo to your desired set of numbers and remove the paperclip. You're done. The new combination is set.

I have an ipod connection (USA Spec PA15-TOY) that I routed underneath my shifter area and comes up into my center console from underneath. I wanted to keep my ipod in my center console because its 'out of site, out of mind of criminals' & is easily reachable to me while I'm driving. We had to cut a hole in the Console Vault and an additional hole in the bottom of my console (the plastic) big enough for the ipod cable/connector. Here's some info & pictures.

Test fitting the Console Vault to determine the best routing for my ipod connection:
After test fitting the vault into the console - I discovered this is the best place for the ipod cable to be routed. There's plenty of room and doesn't interfere with the bottom or the sides.

Hole cut for the ipod connector to fit through:
If you are planning to do the same routing for your ipod connection - this hole will vary depending on the ipod setup you have.

Cutting a hole in the bottom of the console:
There is a small round hole already in the console, I simply used a pair of dikes & a sharp utility knife to make this cut (Unfortunately, our dremel tool was broken at the time). So please pardon, the hole is pretty ugly!! As you can see, the ipod connector (size & shape).

**There is a piece of clear rubber hose around the cable to prevent chafing. I plan to change this in the future with some sort of grommet. The Console Vault came with two Phillips Head screws (that attach it to the floor - no washers). I opted NOT to use them. I got some new hex head bolts & washers instead.

Final Install pictures:

Installation Information:
Again - remember, these pictures were taken 'after' I was done with the install and I was putting everything back together. The install is very easy and these next few pictures will show you where all the screws are. A basic phillips head screwdriver is all you need.

Final Words:

So far so good - but its only been a few days! The combination lock should have 4 digits and the numbers are somewhat small to manipulate in the winter with cold hands (taking off gloves). But its definitely well worth it. The vault sits in there tightly and doesn't move around - so no rattles (I didn't use the supplied bolts - so I can't comment how the supplied bolts will perform). Definitely worth the money if you're looking for some good lockable storage.