1996 Toyota Tacoma

2.5" Daystar Front Suspension Lift

Vehicle Information: 1996 Toyota Tacoma, manual transmission, 4WD 3.4L V6
These are basic instructions on how to install 2.5" Front suspension lift by Daystar.
Use this information AT YOUR OWN RISK!
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Parts Needed & Other Information: 2.5" Daystar Coil Spacer Lift.

For Reference (not used in this lift install) Rancho RS5000 Front Struts = RS5761(need 2).

Tools: Metric open end/combination wrenches, metric socket set, metric allen wrenches, 1 set of jack stands, hydraulic jack (preferred), prying devices, cutting wheels / Dremel tool, coil compressor, & some friends with muscles

1)  Place the truck on a flat surface.  Engage the emergency brake. Take the hydraulic jack and wheel it underneath the front cross member (refer to owners manual for jack points). If you need to, loosen the lug nuts on both wheels but do not remove them. Jack the truck up as high as you can. Try to leave 3-4" underneath the wheel. Place the tallest/biggest jack stands underneath the frame on both sides. Slowly lower the hydraulic jack and let the truck rest on the jack stands.  Once the frame is securely resting on the jack stands, remove the hydraulic jack.
2) Remove wheels and disconnect sway bar. You'll need a 6mm hex head/allen wrench to hold the stud and a 17mm open-end wrench to remove the nut.

3)  Locate the 3 bolts on top of the coil assembly (as seen to the right). Loosen these bolts but do not remove them. You will need these nuts to hold the assembly in place while you are removing the lower strut bolt.  DO NOT TOUCH THE CENTER NUT!!

4) Once you have loosened the upper 3 bolts, focus your attention on the lower portion of the strut. This is where the strut is mounted on the A-arm.  Using a 19mm socket and a 19mm open-end wrench, loosen and remove the bolt holding the strut in place
5)  After removing the bolt at the bottom, hold the entire coil/strut assembly firmly while removing the top 3 nuts.  Then, carefully lower the assembly out of the vehicle. Make sure you LABEL each coil assembly accordingly to make sure the coils go back in the same side they came out of.  As seen below, the entire coil/strut assembly ready to be compressed!
6) Using a standard coil compressor (as seen in picture), compress the coils enough that you can physically move the top plate by hand. This should be enough to allow you to undo the top plate and center nut.

7)  Measure the amount of threads at the top of the center nut (this will give you an idea of how far to thread it during re-installation). Remove the center nut and remove the top plate and rubber washer that sits in between the metal plate and the coils. In this situation, we were re-using all hardware and struts. If you are replacing the struts, now is the time to remove the old struts from the coil assembly.

8) The old rubber washer (from underneath the metal top plate) will be replaced with a new Daystar polyurethane bushing. As seen to your RIGHT - a picture of the old washer and the new replacement.

9) Take the metal top plate and punch out the original (3) studs. You will be replacing these with new - longer - bolts supplied with the kit.

In this situation, the owner of the vehicle decided to buy 3 nuts to tighten the new bolts onto the top plate. The kit does not supply these nuts nor does it require them. The owner felt this was safer and more durable.

In the picture to the LEFT - the new longer bolts installed in the metal top plate with the nuts to secure them.

10) Install the new Daystar bushing with flange down (same orientation as the old rubber washer). You must ensure the bolt heads are seated in the holes in the bushing.

11) Apply new top plate assembly onto the coil assembly as seen to the RIGHT.

12) Install top plate ensuring that all bushings and washers are applied. Thread the center nut on the strut shaft - After you have aligned everything properly - use the original measurement taken in step #7 OR by referring to the strut specifications on how far to thread the center nut. Double check your alignment after you've tighten down the center nut.

Top plate with new Daystar bushing.

13) The picture on the right shows the new Daystar coil lift spacer. Since the owner decided to add the extra nuts, he had to use a Dremel tool to cut out the holes in the polyurethane spacer to accommodate for the nuts. Notice in the picture (above right), this is the correct orientation of how it will sit on top of the top plate.

14) Install the Daystar lift spacer on the top of the top plate ensuring the nuts are sitting nicely in the enlarged holes in the spacer (according to our special adaptation).

Daystar front lift assembly ready for installation in the vehicle.
Daystar front lift assembly as seen on the vehicle
15) Re-install everything in the reverse order that it was removed.

That's It!!
Please - Be Safe - Be Patient - and Good Luck!